WAVLNGTH Mix 002 || Mrunal Shah

WAVLNGTH Mix 002 comes from a very special individual, an individual who isn’t an artist, isn’t a producer, isn’t a DJ but a through and through music lover. We have been crossing paths with a lot of interesting creative professionals – photographers, videographers and the likes who have a hidden calling and motivation for music. Mrunal Shah has always been “the video guy.” He always assumed videos and films are his calling but music has always been a hidden motivator. His videos are nothing with the music he puts in them, cutting to the beats and syncing the camera movement to the grooves. His first abstract project was Travel Bends Your Mind, where he Found a track that inspirerd him and mashed it up with some of his best travel videos. You can check it out here:

Being a video editor, having to cut & transition between two tracks has always been important. Here is his first attempt ever to mix in a few of his favourite tracks at the moment. You will mostly find them to be melodic, deep with a little bit of groove. And it has been mixed entirely on Premiere Pro. Hope ya dig.


Evren Furtuna – A Part Of The Cosmos

Robag Wruhme – Tulpa Ovi

Gregorythme – She’s Out Of My League

Victor Ruiz – Soul Seek

Nathan Melja – Leo Draws

Agoria – Scala

Mlir – Just In Rooimance

Black Loops – Sex

Atelier Francesco – Dead End ( Tim Green Remix)

Luttrell – Need You

Evren Furtuna – Private Party

Evren Furtuna – Dream