WAVLNGTH Mix 005 || Tom Durston

Tom Durston is the founder and editor-in-chief of London-based music magazine Inverted Audio. Practising his art through vinyl grooves only, his selections give full vent to extended blends of widescreen electronics, rugged techno and deep house. If Jungle and Drum & Bass were his first love, Antepop went on to explore a more diverse spectrum, to reinvent himself time after time. Hosting a monthly residency on South London’s Balamii Radio, he recently graced the decks of Farr Festival, Bussey Building, Corsica Studios and Dance Tunnel, whilst sharing the stage with the likes of the DIAL crew, D.K. aka 45 ACP (Antinote/L.I.E.S.), Young Male (White Material), Lena Willikens (Cómeme/Salon des Amateurs), DeepChord (DeepChord/Modern Love), Tasker (Whities), Jon Rust (NTS) and more.

We reached out Tom to know more about his journey (Interview Link Below) and are super grateful to have him make a mix for us with some absolute hidden gems and stellar selections. Here’s what he had to say about his mix…

“I recorded this vinyl mix at home in London after a months holiday in Croatia. I hadn’t touched turntables for well over a month, so was nice to get back into the thick of it. I set off to explore the darker realms of my record collection, picking out tracks that have a unique rawness to them. The mix starts off with an abstract track from Scanner, taken from a superb compilation I was given at the launch party of a London based imprint called Psyché Tropes. It then leads into even weirder territories courtesy of the excellent Peder Mannerfelt. Having grown up listening to Jungle and Drum & Bass this track from Mannerfelt continuously builds up suspense serving as an excellent intro / outro track. Rather than following this up with a techno banger I decided to go for a more downtempo track, so I pitched up Fabric’s ‘Pink Grid’ to 45 RPM. I’m pretty certain it is meant to be played at 33RPM, but I think 45 RPM sounds so much better. Other track highlights are FIT Seigel’s remix of Persian on my friends new label Mysticisms, it’s from the debut release and I can’t recommend it enough. Also near the end of the mix I included some words taken from a 1950’s recording from British comedian and actor Peter Sellers. I got this from my parents or perhaps my grandparents record collection, so was delighted to shine light on it once again. I’d love to continue to bore you with about each track of the mix but I’ll leave that up to you to determine. As for the transitions, some of them are not perfect, but that’s what happens if you don’t mix for a month!”

Read Full Interview here – www.wavlngth.com/2017/09/25/one-o…one-tom-durston/


Scanner – Landing [Psyché Tropes]

 Peder Mannerfelt – The Great Attractor [Hinge Finger]

 Fabric – Pink Grid (45 RPM) [Meandyou]

 DJ bwin – Cash Out [First Second Label]

  Persian – We Should Shout (Fit Siegel Remix) [Mysticisms]

   Pigon – Koto (Original Mix) [Dial]

  Prince Of Denmark – Untitled Tool [Giegling]

   Sade & Florian Kupfer – Untitled A1 [SAD001]

 Sascha Dive – The Get Out Of The Ghetto Blues (Fred P Remix) [Deep Vibes Recordings]

  Coni – My Secret Diving [ClekClekBoom]

 Dimi Angélis & Jeroen Search – Our Life With The Wave [Smallville Records]

 Florian Kupfer – Can’t Love Life Without U [Private Persons]

 Levon Vincent – NS-12 (A2) [Novel Sound]

 Objekt – The Stitch-Up [Stitch Up]

  Aphex Twin – CHEETAH7b (45 RPM) [Warp Records]

 DJ Koze – All The Time [Philpot]

  Maurizio – Domina (Maurizio Mix) [Maurizio]

 Alvin Aronson – Mat [NORD Records]

  Kettenkarussell – Brueder [Giegling]

  Peter Sellers – We Need The Money (Excerpt) [Parlophone]

 Autechre – Drane [Warp Records]

  Aphex Twin – Polynomial-C [R&S Records]