WAVLNGTH Mix 003 || Kaleekarma

There are some sets that touch your soul, where you sit down and introspect about life, where the beats take you to a place where everything stops for that moment and it’s just about you and the music. This is one such special set from an artist from our collective, Kaleekarma. Always wanting to express herself through her music, the 53 minute set encapsulates the various human emotions that are encountered in moments of self reflection, where you question yourself, get the answers and eventually learn a life lesson. How beautiful is the power of music when it gives you moments like these… tune into this immersive journey and let those emotions flow.


 JIM – La Douche

 Goopsteppa – Birth. Refine

 Nico Luminous – Thank you old friend feat. Cello Joe

 Niju – Dove of peace

 Ninze – Nomads night owl

 Dandara – Dimension (Arutani Remix)

 Stavroz – Merci eclair

 De Sluwe Vos – Misfits featuring Huub

 Arutani – El Cantar De Las Sirenas

Imersao – Omkara

Ninze – Rouge

vvlv – memories

 Flako – Twelve O’Clock Shadow