Boxout FM: WAVLNGTH 001 || Aneesha Kotwani

It’s about time India got it’s own online community radio station pushing out homegrown independent artists and international artists on tour. A great initiative by Mo City and the team towards building a stronger community and educating the generations to come about all that good music out there in our country and the world. It’s an honour to host a bi-weekly show for the crew and our first mix consists of a selection of some of my favourite soul / chill and downtempo tracks along with laying emphasis on house music prodigy Aakmael Unxpozd and club centric focused music label International Black!

Tune in to Episode 1 our show on Boxout.FM!


Philanthrope – Sweep

idntrmmbr – She told me 

Sugi.wa – Cute

AJMW – Sumatra Step 

Prequel – Nothing Better [Rhythm Section]

Parra for Cuva – Unfinished Colours [Project Mooncircle]

Linkwood – Lost [Firecracker Recordings] 

DJ Aakmael – Deepside [Axe on Wax Records]

DJ Aakmael – Pass It [Axe on Wax Records]

DJ Aakmael – Mood Capacity (Unxpozd Headknod Mixx) [Axeonwax Records] 

Ron Obvious – Man Roy [International Black] 

Phrased – Pushing (303 Jazz Mix) [International Black]