Wild City Presents Various Artists: NTS In India w/ Donna Leake

New Delhi, India · Auro Kitchen and Bar

Wild City X WAVLNGTH X NTS Present: Various Artists w/
Donna Leake & Moniker.
Date: 24 November 2018
Time: 9pm onwards
Entry: 300 Before 10:30pm / 500 After 10:30pm

Wild City continues pushing forward with international event series – Various Artists - this time in partnership with Mumbai based WAVLNGTH & London based NTS Radio.

For the 25th in the series, following 'Space Dimension Controller', 'Palms Trax', 'Flako', 'Roska', 'Slugabed', 'Nic Tasker', 'Sarah Farina', 'Tommy Flowers', 'Milo Häfliger', 'Ikonika', 'Scratcha DVA', 'Addison Groove', 'Culoe de Song', 'Jasper James', 'Dauwd', 'Mumdance', 'RP Boo', 'Bézier', 'Young Marco' , 'Cinnamon', 'Red Axes', 'Tom Trago', "anu", "Toxe", "Mechatok" and most recently "TIjana T", we are excited to host Donna Leake.

** About Donna Leake **

Donna’s love of music is undeniable and her enthusiasm for organic sound, non-formulaic track selection and dancey energy makes her somewhat of a music anomaly. From having a big love for music from an early age she never made a single plan in her life, just letting things happen and allowing the the universe to do it’s thing, she realised that the more she listens to music the better her life becomes and the more she is able to learn how to share this energy with others.

Donna always wants to go on a musical journey whether she is on the dancefloor or behind the decks. Before seeing herself as a selector or DJ, she is a listener and a dancer. After spending almost 4 years at brilliant corners, London, where she learned a lot about the importance of sound quality, the flow of a good set and how to tell a story through music, and of course an abundance of musical knowledge, her sets spread far and wide, always depending on how she feels in the moment and for getting lost in the present. Music for open ears, open minds, open hearts and zero expectations

** About Moniker **

Head honcho of Indian magazine and cultural hub thewildcity.com, aptly named Wild City DJ a.k.a Moniker has a peculiar and varied taste in music. Straddling hip-hop, garage, grime, bass, house, techno, alternative electronica and anything in between, WCDJ always brings an informative set, favouring upfront and left of centre music over yesterday’s tired hits. Having been a part of the underground electronic movement in London for a number of years WCDJ brings to the table a fresh and undeniably UK sound to his live shows.

Venue Details

201, Second floor, DDA Shopping Complex, Aurobindo Palace Market, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016, India