Community Playlist 040

Hello. I’m back!

Some of you might be aware, but for those who aren’t; my name is Brij, I’m a music producer and creative strategist, and I’m taking over WAVLNGTH’s Community Playlists for a month.

The playlists I’m curating for this month are filled with songs off my friends’ collection of music. With each playlist, I feature one of them and the kind of music they listen to. The previous one featured close to 25 songs from my friend Adithya Gungi’s vast collection of tunes.

This one features about 22 tunes from another friend/collaborator/colleague, Mohit Thakkar.

Mohit came to Bombay from Surat in 2014 and completed his Bachelors in Mass Media from Thakur College last year. He currently works as a Creative Strategist along with me. Mohit isn’t new to the music side of things; he used to rap (and probably still does), he’s a very good singer and he can play a bit of guitar too.

While he used to listen to a lot of hip hop back in the day, Mohit’s taste in music now ranges from alternative rock to psychedelic rock, to jazzy trip hop and dream pop and everything in between. I can’t keep track anymore. He’s probably the reason I started paying more attention to songs from bands like Tame Impala.

Here’s what he said about the playlist on WhatsApp: “Here’s 22 songs I like to listen to when I’m 22.”

Rest assured, this is a playlist you’re going to like very much. Tune in, and I’ll see you later!


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