Community Playlist 039

I’m opening WordPress after almost 3 years. It feels… nice. Thanks, Aneesha.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Brij and I make electronic music under a few aliases. Music isn’t my main gig though; I work as a creative strategist at a mobile ad firm, and I used to write for a couple of music/festival websites back when I was in college, which probably explains the sentence you read first.

Aneesha got in touch with me on Facebook a few days ago and asked me to curate four weekly playlists for the month of October. Each playlist would feature a friend who may have either musically inspired me or has stellar taste in music. I immediately hit up four friends that I’m super close to, one thing led to another, and here we are!

I’m going to kick things off with my first guest: Adithya Gungi.

Adithya is from Hyderabad, is a physics student and currently studies at IIT Bombay. I met him through a school friend a few months ago and we instantly bonded over our love for craft beer and existential crises. He’s probably going to Japan by the end of the year and keeps talking about his repeated attempts at making diamonds in the Physics lab.

What I also learned in such a short span of time is that he listens to a LOT of good music. Adithya was the perfect fit for a playlist like this; he claims to have made a couple of draft playlists, one of which featured only Nujabes. I heard his final playlist at the time of writing this and for someone who isn’t much of a YouTube user, I was glued. He has an affinity for chill, almost hypnotic tunes. Here’s what he told me on WhatsApp:

“Here are some songs I’ve been listening to non-stop lately.” – Adithya Gungi

Rest assured, there’s something in here for every easy listening fan. Pick your vice of choice, and tune in. I’ll see you next week.

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