Community Playlist 036

When Arul Kacker sent me his playlist neatly laid out in an excel sheet along with an order of sequence, I must say I was mighty impressed. I got acquainted with this music enthusiast when I discovered that he bagged himself the blessed opportunity of being the SoFar Sounds Mumbai city leader. Although, I still haven’t attended a SoFar Sessions in Mumbai, I did attend one in London and there is something so intimate about the concept where one can actually feel that they are listening to some of their favourite artists or discovering new music in the space of their home. Another great thing about the property is how accessible it is to just walk up and introduce yourself to the artists/bands who are a part of the performance. It’s then when you realise, that they are just like us, doing what they do for a living.  However, It is definitely exciting to interact with them at an arms length as that wouldn’t have been the case if you were to catch them in a concert. SoFar has tapped the pulse of creating memorable experiences which aren’t bound to one of the most important business elements in music i.e. scale. They stuck to what they believed in and are a living success story of how you can make something niche, BIG!

The little bit I know about Arul is that he is quite into vinyls and is building up on a pretty solid record collection (I gauge this from whatever I see on facebook). It is also refreshing to meet a music lover who enjoys music, not for the all the different forms of intoxication that come with it but purely just for the music! In the larger scheme of things, one doesn’t really need anything else. A beautifully crafted 28 songs playlist has really got me going and I would just like thank him for all the thought and effort that he has put into making this for us.


Tewa Tei – Technova

A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way

Motherlode – Soft Shell

A$AP Rocky – Keep It G

Beach House – Master of None

The Weeknd – The Party & The After Party

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache

Shai feat. Jay Z – I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Remix)

Henri Salvador – Pauvre Jesus-Christ

Four Tet – Two Thousand and Seventeen

Curtis Mayfield – Future Shock

UGK – Pinky Ring

The Champs – Tequila

Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Pepe Lopez

Quarteto 1111 – Todo O Mundo E Ninguém

Jay Z – Marcy Me

The Cheers – I Am Not Ready To Settle Down

Madvillian – Borrowed Time

Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack– Born to Love

Nas – 2nd Childhood

Opa – Pieces

Flying Lotus feat. Earl Sweatshirt – Between Friends

Euro Funk – Dynamite

Solange – Losing You

Brandy, Tamia, Chaka Khan & Gladys Knight – Missing You

Burial – Unite

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Ain’t Got Time

Black Star – Little Brother


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