Community Playlist 035

Ah, It’s great to back.  January has been a great month to unwind, spend some quality time with family and take some time off to recoup to continue working on the vision for WAVLNGTH with 2018 plans and beyond. It feels like February has been the start to my year and it looks like it’s shaping up to be an interesting one for sure. However, I am so happy to kickstart this year’s series of Community Playlists with an individual who I have had the best music experiences with. I have a crazy imagination. I can visualise the most random things to the music I listen too but some how they are also extremely apt and fit with the sound I am listening too. I never quite thought I would meet someone who would be aligned and in tune with my imagination – until I met Philip Zuzarte. Philip has been a part of a lot of memories and experiences we have shared with mutual friends. But put us in the middle of no where, surrounded by nature and good music and we are creating different scenarios / visuals / story boards / frames in our head of how things would look visually to the music we listen to. I guess if I continue any longer I would be rambling so I’ll just stop right here. Besides the fact that we both love music, Philip is such an amazingly talented human being. From being casted in a Mumford and Sons video to absolutely smashing it at various Karoke nights in the city, he also works in production and content by profession. A thorough creative and genuine music lover, it an honour to have him kickstart the 2018 series of Community Playlists.

P.S – It was also his birthday yesterday, so here’s to working towards making our imagination come to life. In the mean time over to his playlist. Tune in.

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