Community Playlist 030

I crossed paths with Shashank Khattar whilst he lived in Mumbai. We met through a mutual friend and I often saw him at a lot of gigs. What struck me most was his moves on the dance floor. The energy and vibrancy that shone through his eyes and smile would draw anyone towards him for a little boogie. We never got the opportunity to spend enough time but the little that we did also made me realise how deeply involved he is with music and has also been producing tunes on the side. I might not know much about how they sound, but definitely sense and feel that it would turn out to something special. We crossed paths again whilst in Delhi during the HVOB India Tour when he told me about his new initiative called LaLuna which is a community that calls upon visionaries of our time – artists, musicians, nature-lovers, healers, yogis, philosophers, stargazers, mystics and adventurers to come together to share their gifts, and to create magic together. It was around the same time he was planning an event somewhere in the hills and I honestly can’t wait to attend one of them soon and maybe even get the opportunity to get the music front rolling! There is so much creativity and potential in this individual that is slowly coming up to the surface that I won’t be surprised if I see him achieving some big things some day. In the mean time, we have him put together a unique selection of tracks for this week’s community playlist. Get locked.

” A Leisurely walk in the woods leads to a clearing, where you are dancing around a fire. And as the moon comes up, so does the lunacy” – Shashank Khattar

Nicola Cruz – Invocacion

El Buho – Calchaqui (Nicola Cruz Remix)

Savia Andina – Porque Estas Triste (El Búho Remix)

Tiqueka – Rainforest Blaze 

Bwoy de Bhajan Northern Quartz Aurora (Dhawa Sunrise)

Tiqueka  – Mumba

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Simiolo

Clap! Clap! – Kuj Yato 

CloZee – Koto

Flako – Mating Dance






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