Community Playlist 027

My initial few interactions with Meg D’souza were mostly on email either discussing potential dates or chasing payments whilst she worked at antiSOCIAL HKV. Cut to February 2017, when I was back working with the RA music team at Sula Festival that I met her in person and also found out that she is going to be my room mate over the 3 days in Nasik. The first thing I noticed about Meg is that she has such an infectious smile and her warm personality made it so easy for me to get along with her. We spent an intense 3 days working as artist managers for SULA festival which left us absolutely sleep deprived and knackered but the electric energy of the audience and the bands kept us powering through. Being actively involved in the music industry having worked with OML, Impresario & also being the vocalist with The Underknowns, Meg has made her shift to Mumbai currently working as a Lifestyle & Fashion Blogger with Miss Malini. Having a fondness for this Haafu born, made it essential to have her on board for the community playlist and might we add, she has picked some lovely selections indeed!

“I’m a haafu born & raised in brutal Delhi. Thanks to my rock n roll loving real and extended family, music has always been a big part of literally everyday that I can remember. I’ve grown up on a diverse menu of music tastes courtesy my parent’s CD collection and a keen interest in all the Top 40 pop hits with the good ol’ splash of teenage metal, punk & hard rock phase which hasn’t really left. I’m a big fan of some of our independent musicians and a proper festival junkie. I’ve included my all-time favourite songs that I love singing along to here.. Be warned though – IT GETS HEAVY towards the end!” – Meg D’souza
<3 & \m/


Erykah Badu – Baglady

Incubus – Azwethinkweiz

Shigeto – Ringleader

Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Puscifer – Horizons

Portishead – Glory Box

Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Soul To Squeeze

John Butler Trio – I’d Do Anything

Closure in Moscow – Seeds of Gold

Them Crooked Vultures – No One Loves Me And Neither Do I

The Superfuzz – Four Times & Once More

The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez

Karnivool – Roquefort

Joint Family – Drummer’s Advice

Grammy Winning Effort – Keeper Of The Sun




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