WAVLNGTH Reveals: Schlick – Acres

The thrill of revealing something once hidden to an audience is always exciting. There is a reason why ‘early adopters’ are always ahead of the curve because they pave the way of revelation to their peers and social circles on what they shouldn’t be missing out on! Yeah, we don’t really want to get technical here and nor are we trying prove a point but our excitement knows no bounds as today we are going to reveal something special to all you music lovers out there!

Meet Vishnu PS (Don’t ever ask him why his surname is PS) & Nikhil Kaul (The Flying Club, anyone?) who thrive on all things music. They have also contributed to the WAVLNGTH affairs as we hosted Frame/Frame for our Flying Club edition in Mumbai & Soulspace has been integral in warming up for two of our international acts, Parra for Cuva & HVOB. Apart from DJ’ing and producing music, they are also curators of soulful, heart-moving and emotional electronic music. Together they run Lowlit Records and we must add that they are doing such a brilliant job of giving back to the Indian music community and providing a platform for our homegrown talent. Word on the street is their latest compilation ‘Better Late’ Vol. 2 is releasing worldwide on August 22, 2017.

Frame/Frame @ The Flying Club: Mumbai Edition @ antiSOCIAL, Mumbai 

Soulspace @ Parra for Cuva India Tour @ antiSOCIAL, Mumbai 

The idea for Better Late was born to create a compilation of music that sounds like an album, and to find like-minded artists who are focussed on creating a palette of sound that resonates with each other. This is the exact ethos that we follow, to collaborate and work with like-mind people who are on the same wavelength. Hence it’s no surprise that we collaborated to feature an exclusive premiere of one of the tracks on their compilation. The track that we are revealing today is from newly budding electronic artist Schlick, who also wears a lot of other hats in the music industry.

When I first heard ‘Acres’ I felt like taking my car out and going for a long drive. Schlick was also featured in the first volume of the compilation, so it was only ideal to have him on board again. A quick chat with Brad on his technical approach behind the track and here’s what he had to say…

“I had these programmed hip hop drums from an old project which never really saw the light of day. I remember opening up that same project one day and kinda chopping these ‘sweet sounding’ vocals over those drums to get some kind of a pattern going. I distinctly remember adding the bass line over what I had at the time, which was the turn point in this becoming a track. From then on, it was just building over that with melodies/harmonies and some percussion. I recorded some guitar lines as well and even had ‘Rhys Sebastain’ come in and play some saxophone, which adds a nice texture to the second half of the track. I was really happy with the way it turned out and extremely happy to have it part of this release.”

Subtle, organic, melodic and melancholic would be the perfect words to sum up Better Late Volume 2. Enough of the chat, it’s time to press play and get an exclusive sneak preview of what’s coming up next week! August 22nd, ladies and gents, mark you dates!

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