Community Playlist 020

Dhruva Balram is the content head at Wild City. It’s always been a pleasure to work with the Wild City team whether it is partnering with them for events or for promotions as they have a tact for being so professional in what they do and supportive in what others do. I met Dhruva for the first time post the Delhi leg of the Jasper James gig at the ‘Flying Club’ after party, although I must admit things were quite blurry for me at that hour. There was an intuition that he would have an interesting playlist to offer and hence we reached out to him for this week’s community playlist. All you hip-hop & R&B fans are going to love this one!

“Having spent the last decade across four continents in a multitude of cities, it’s shaped my musical tastes to be varied, diverse and extremely particular. In the short amount of time (six months) I’ve spent back in the city, I’ve found myself thirsting in India for a specific brand of R&B, hip-hop and rap; the kind that makes you bounce along without thinking trigger fingers in the air. There’s a certain aesthetic of hip-hop/rap/trap that I want to listen to in the club: ominous, grimy beats with fast-pitched hi-hats and tripled-layered bass or sexual, silky-smooth R&B -the kind of music that’s catered to the after-party or the 2 am crowd who just want to vibe. I haven’t found that anywhere in Delhi so far, surprising for a city that has such a focus on music,especially electronica. So, I decided to put together a compilation of tracks in a specific order. Imagine it going from silky R&B at 1am to dark beats at 3 in the morning when the club is dingy.”- Dhruva Balram 

Roy Woods – How I Feel 

Post Malone – Fuck feat Jeremih 

Tony Lanez – Initiation 

Anik Khan – Mango Nectar 

Kamaiyah – I’m on 

Princess Nokia – Tomboy 

Heems – My Ting 

Freddie Gibs & Madlib – High Ft Danny Brown 

Injury Reserve – Oh Shit!

Noorkoping- Ukweli (feat. Kiwango & NU Fvnk

They – U Rite 

Sowut – Whatever 

Vince Staples – Senorita 

Sean Leon – Miles 


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