Community Playlist 017

Samresh Srivastava is a great artist. He is also Sickflip‘s younger brother. He recently turned 20 which definitely makes me feel ancient. But he is probably one of the most calmest people I have developed a great friendship with off late. Creativity definitely runs in the Srivastava family with one son being a great music producer & DJ while the other is studying design in Bangalore and often found drawing sketches in his free time. You must have seen him spending most of his Sunday evening happily sketching away at Raasta Rooftop for one of the Pineapple’s gig. He also put up his work at the Nrtya showcase at Razzberry Rhinoceros. If you stumble upon something black and white and minimal with a lot of lines, you have reached his abode! I am so delighted to host him for this week’s community playlist, consider this my belated birthday present and a massive thank you for making the wonderful #WAVLNGTHturns1 souvenirs for HVOB! (Yes, I am going to be handing them out across all the three city gigs this time. We really hope you like them!)

“It is beautiful to see how using dierent combinations of vibrations can make so many humans around the world move. I respect it and feel very lucky to be so close to people from the music industry and doing so good! A lot of my influences are drawn from the amazing people around me and what I hear on almost daily basis. I believe good music cannot be bound by genres. It’ something that can take your brain back to the first time you heard the song and associate that memory to whenever you listen to it again. Music has always kept me focussed on my sketches, ideation and creation process. It starts this whole inspiration spiral in my head and definitely sets a vibe to the work I do.” – Samresh Srivastava 

Stimming – Prepare 

Favela – Gong 

Ariel Camusso & Persian Empire – Time (123Mrk remix)

 DKVPZ – Bonde do Neo Soul 

Baile De Favela (feat. Mariana Nolasco)

Monte Booker – Kolors Ft. Smino

TEK.LUN – Live Out Your Life

Full Crate – Yeah

Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

FKJ & Masego – Tadow 








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