Community Playlist 014

Devan Shah is one Gujarati you won’t find at a Dandiya Raas. A great ball of energy on the dancefloor, one might often recognise him in his furry avatar that he often keeps flaunting at festivals. Having done his fair share of international music travels, his genuine support for the scene is pretty evident in his enthusiasm and dance moves. Cut to Magnetic Fields 2016, I was dancing at the RBMA stage in a very happy place and with the biggest smile on my face. I have no recollection of who was playing but I remember having a few brilliant moments with him on the dance floor and established a connection I never did in the hustle bustle Mumbai nightlife! I guess that is the beauty of destination festivals, the only agenda one has is to go to the venue, consume shit tons of music and get some sleep in order to keep movin’. There are no other options which binds you to one place with a bunch of people you see in a completely different light as everyone leaves behind their inhibitions!

Being caught in the mundane city work life, I haven’t seen Devan around in a while. I guess when age catches up to you, a lot of responsibilities set in and life is not just a party anymore. However, to make a toast to those few precious moments at MF, I hit him up asking him to curate this weeks Community Playlist, so here we go…

“Music, quite like cigarettes, is the perfect chance to slip away from the crowd, ice break, break dance or just zone out. Except, it only adds to life. 
Being a ridiculously social, inclusive and outgoing animal, it’s only obvious that my playlist too is contrived and coloured by everything and everyone that influences me. Listen up and party on.” – Devan Shah 

Against Me! – Baby I’m an Anarchist 

Nils Frahm – Says 

Guy Gerber – Timing 

Throwing Snow -Pyre 

The Chemical Brothers – Another World

Parple – Ritual 

Tansane – Gurudakshina feat. Nigel x Vatsal 

Blot! feat Lifafa – Empire (Original Mix) 

Blurry Slur x Orbs & Zen – Crossover Jazz (Original Mix) 

Kohra & SHFT – Quasar (Original Mix) 


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