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My first interaction with Nikita Lamba was on my birthday this year when we all after partied at Rufy’s house. I think my only memory of her apart from any conversation was the fact that she always had control of the music. We all enjoy taking the reigns on the ‘after party’ DJ duties but it’s always been a bitter sweet experience for me because I like to share my tunes but at the same time I want to listen to new music and new sounds, its refreshing! When I bumped into her again at ADE was when I found out she worked for Impresario in Delhi, has had a DJ stint & there were a lot of my friends who vouched for her good taste in music. So keeping it about the music, I reached out to her to share her playlist for our weekly sessions and I’m so glad I did because she whipped up a great bunch of tracks with some dark, deep and thumping bass. I have realised I am not big on genres, but if you give me earthy, to the ground bass, no matter the genre – I’m sold. Thank you for taking the time out to send this our way and here’s to getting to know a fellow music lover better in the days, months, years to come!

“I’ve been quite lucky to be friends with people from my uni days who were heavily interested in the music scene & its development. My tightest guys are avid producers, MCs, organisers, and generally grave enthusiasts. It’s through them that I got ludicrously exposed to sounds across the spectrum.

To be honest, I listen to whatever steers my mood the way I want it to be, not how I’m already feeling. But the tunes I’ve listed below are definite pick-me-ups. From older favourites to newer bangers, my taste in music flirts between anything that’s heavy and bassy — talk grime, dubstep, UK garage, even techno to mild extents. If I had to describe the nature of sounds that interest me, they’re basically dark, absurd, meaty. It was difficult to enlist so few (though this list still reeks of my bias for anything Sir Spyro produced), but below are 10 thick tunes you’ve got to hear on cranked up volume.” – Nikita Lamba 

Commodo – Hadi Hadi Ah

MssingNo – Baiders 

Wants – Alpaca 

Missy Elliott – She’s a B**ch (Caski Refix) 

Walton – Tensions

Hear the full track on Bandcamp:

LEVELZ – Ninja 

P Money ft. Newham Generals – Sounds of the Sir

Capo Lee ft D Double E- Mud

Jamakabi – Hot It Up (Kahn & Neek Remix)

Stormzy – Big For Your Boots 







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