Community Playlist 011

WAVLNGTH turns 1 in May. To be very honest, we don’t even know where the year has passed by. But it’s been a great year. A hard year. A motivational and inspiring year. Since our inception, we have worked with certain key partners, one of which is Impresario Hospitality aka. antiSOCIAL & Social Offline. I still remember the first person we met from the team was Sumit Vaswani. We went to meet him at Todi Mills Social to pitch ‘Tasker’ which was the launch tour for WAVLNGTH and since then there was no looking back. Sumit was my goto person for all my programming queries and perhaps one of the few people in the industry who always heard me out when I was concerned. We are grateful and thankful for his genuine appreciation behind our efforts and quite stoked to feature him for this week’s community playlist. Here’s looking forward to many more years of working together…

“My taste in music has been extremely diverse and the tracks listed below are for every mood, great for driving to or from work as well! One of my all time favourite tracks is the Lemarquis Remix of Pheonix’s Fences. I can hear this track at any time of the day and it fits in the vibe for any given situation. The tracks are favourites from the past few years. 

Matt Mendez’s remix of Bowie’s Sound and Vision is the reason my appreciation for electronic music escalated, it’s the first track on the list, check it out!”


David Bowie – Sound and Vision (Matt Mendez Remix) 


Darko Kustura – Soul Divide 


Boot & Tax – Edit Service 27 


Tame Impala – The Moment 


Jemaque – Veleju  


Phoenix – Fences (Lemarquis Remix) 


Jafunk – Cervidae Tape (Acid stag Exclusive) 


XXY – Regrets


TCTS – Forward

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