Community Playlist 009

I thrive on dance floor connections. It’s an amazing feeling when you can have a conversation with a stranger or even your friends by pure exchange of energy on the dance floor. Such a bond is one of a kind and you don’t often meet people who can vibe with you on the same wavelength. This is how I met Suyash Singhal – on the dance floor at one of the initial edition’s of EVC’s after party. From there developed a great friendship, music of course at the core of it all.

Another commonality we share is being mature about our raving / music consumption patterns. It’s normal for every individual to loose themselves in the world of music, especially when they are at their infancy of attending parties. The excitement gets the better of us and the greed of wanting more and more good music takes control of our actions. However, when you reach that plateau and know how to strike the right balance, the feeling is something else. For Suyash, it’s always been about the balance, about having a good time without pushing yourself to an extreme end. The same reflects in his taste for music – a balance and open mind to all genres, having a soft spot for some dancehall and jungle besides house and techno. He has an incredible aura around him which definitely makes him one of the best raving/festival buddies to have around. Magnetic Fields Festival 2016 is proof of that. Less words, more music and dance floor energy describes my relationship best with this man and hence I am going to put a stop to the words and let his playlist do the talking.

“I am an avid music lover and I like listening to different kinds of music purely based on my mood. This playlist includes tracks I’ve been digging in the recent months. 10 tracks was the capacity for the playlist and I would have to make a completely different playlist for the other genres. I am into music because it is something that connects people and I love that. I’ve met so many beautiful and like minded people because of music, that’s actually how Aneesha and I met and we’ve been really good friends since.”

Marie Joly & Black Coffee – Gratitude (Pablo Fierro Remix)

Altair – Renacer

Damian Lazarus & Ancient Moons – Sacred Dance of the Demon


Kora – Fragile

Spornick – Inkaceron (PHCK Remix)

MUUI – Nema

Bernstein – Spirited Away

Einmusik – Solar Progression

Mind Against – Gravity

Amentia – Alta├»r









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