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Lynston Dsouza & Nicky Ramnani aka Blurry Slur & Orbs & Zen are perhaps two of the most loved people in the music industry. We have shared some amazing music memories together and apart from playing individually, they have established themselves as a great house music duo act with two EP’s released on True Sounds Music & Blue Orb Records. They have also pushed the bar by introducing a concept night “FRAMED” with high importance given to the vibe of a party and conceptualised and executed theme based set up’s thus making it exciting for the audience to look forward to something new, each time! With their third edition of FRAMED coming up this weekend alongside two international artists on the bill – Thabo Getsome & Okain, we decided to have an interesting one on one with both of them where they have to answer questions about the other. After receiving their answers in, I realised that the boys are rather aligned in their thought process which makes for such an important ingredient for a healthy duo relationship. Read on…

Orbs & Zen on Blurry Slur:

If you have been granted a wish to swap one skill with Blurry Slur, what would you wish to swap?

OneΒ  skill I would swap with him is his ability to dig into and enjoy (and even play) so many styles of music. Underground DJ’s tend to dig deeper and deeper into the genre they play or produce and isolate themselves to one style. Lynston is almost running 3 monikers and thats kinda awesome.

How has Blurry Slur been an influence to you?

He’s been an influence in more than one way. As a personality when I do things alone, there is a gap between ideation and execution. I am driven only if I have a co-passenger. Lynston has been a co-passenger when it comes to producing music. Over fun and games we decided to have a concept night (FRAMED) and both those nights have been a lot of fun as well. And musically we both dig percussion and groovyΒ  basslines, so I have been influenced by the artists and labels he follows.

Name one strength & weakness of your partner?

His strength is, that he does one thing at a time and does it well. That one thing could be making music, preparing for a gig, or even partying post gig. There is no ‘other’ plan or call or commitment that will make him stop doing what he is doing unless he wants to.

I will mention two of his weaknesses. Fridays and Saturdays.

What made you decide to start producing music with Blurry Slur in the first place?

It was not really a decision. We were both fairly new with Ableton and he came over to check out my newly treated studio. In the next hour we had a beat ready and we kept meeting to finish that track. Mondays and Tuesdays nights we produced together for over a year… that was 2015 and now we have our 2nd EP released on Blue Orb Records withΒ  half a dozen more tracks almost ready. Looking forward to 2017 πŸ™‚

If you had to describe Blurry Slur in three words – what would they be?

Motivated, Talented, Relentless

With respect to your concept night Framed – What is Blurry Slur’s contribution?

This guy knows parties. He is not a DJ who just knows music. So his opinion on FRAMED nights about sound, lights, production, invitations, costume, venue are all legit and forward thinking and aligned to how I think, which is very important when two people are working in a creative space together. So yeah his contribution has been a 100% in every single thing about those nights.

Blurry Slur on Orbs & Zen:

Tell us one thing you think O&Z brings to the table when it comes to producing music?

In general, I feel Nicky (O&Z) really knows what he wants from the synth or music elements + effects in our tracks. Its a good balance as I like doing the other bits like drums / atmosphere or backs.

How has O&Z been an influence to you?

I think I’m impulsive as a producer and sometimes I stray in vision or direction of a particular tune, but Nicky helps pull me back to our original goals! Like we always start a project and be like “Lets do a deep house track” or “Lets make a house groove” and almost always, its him who makes sure we actually do exactly that and nothing else!

If there was one personal and technical skill that you would like to imbibe from O&Z what would it be and why?

To be honest, technically we both kind of know and don’t know the same stuff! We picked up Ableton at the same time, which was not too long ago and are constantly learning. With no prior production knowledge or coaching, it is really difficult, but we’re getting better!

On the personality front, he is a extremely calm, and backs our stuff a lot more than I do. I always feel we need a few more weeks but he insists that its good to go when it is. That is how we signed our first 2 EP’s.

Why do you think you’ll make a great duo?

As I mentioned earlier, we balance each other out as producers. Also, we’re buddies, managed by the same agency, play lots of gigs together, and most importantly we more or less dig the same style of deep / house music! So all of this kinda works in our favour as a duo.

If you had to describe O&Z in three words – what would they be?

Older. Wiser. Soberer. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

With respect to your concept night Framed – What is O&Z’s contribution?

Framed is something that we thought of very randomly. I think it’s while watching videos of Elrow / Do Not Sleep parties where we realised that no one does nights like these for house music here, which is exactly what we play. And thats how we came up with Framed, and luckily the first 2 editions were so much fun, and everyone seemed to love them!

We have a good team of people working with us for Framed, but one thing we make sure of, is that we’re always there over seeing things. So we’ll go for production recce’s, ideate and brainstorm concepts and the music together. Nicky definitely brings his Sindhi-business man experience into the picture with his bargaining skills, so he is officially the accountant for all Framed parties! Haha πŸ˜‰

Catch the CASINO (3rd) edition of FRAMED take place this Friday – March 24th 2017 at ARK – Courtyard Mariott with Blurry Slur x Orbs & Zen, Thabo Getsome & Okain.

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