Community Playlist 007

Neha Doshi holds an integral place in my life when it comes to music. Our first interaction was at the Daniel Steinberg Mumbai leg at The White Owl where we all ended up at Philip Zuzarte’s house for an after party. A lot of things changed after that night. I ended up meeting a bunch of sound people and there was a phase where we had the sickest after parties ever *not trying to brag.* Also, not to forget our outstation trips with over 48 hours of musical goodness. She was an important part in merging all of us into one big group and although we don’t see each other as much anymore, we will always cherish those amazing moments and support each other in our musical endeavours. It was just a matter of time till she got featured on the community playlist as she was one of the first few people on my list and I’m so glad that this has finally happened. Here is a little bit she had to say about herself and her playlist –

“I have always wanted to be able to sing, but let’s just say I couldn’t. That’s my earliest childhood memory related to music – being happy with just listening to it. Nothing much has changed since, except now there’s internet! I’ve also been lucky enough to have influences in my life that have exposed me to different kinds of music. Strangers and friends alike. Even today, I spend hours everyday exploring and stumbling upon what is literally, music to my ears. My happiest memories and my lowest memories have music in them. It keeps me going and most importantly, lets me do something else that I absolutely love – dancing!

“What I listen to is dictated by the time and place. Everything from alternative rock to triphop to house and techno. I love ethnic and folk influences but I also love dark and heavy tracks. I love the contrast in my personal music library and I’ve tried to capture exactly that in this playlist. There are tracks I’ve been digging lately while some, I believe, are just timeless. Here’s me, sharing the love”

Sous Sol – My Eyes

Dennis Cruz – Feeling High (PAWSA remix)

Kora – Ovo

Maga – Regata (Birds of Mind Remix)

Majid Bekkas – African Blues (Luca Musto Remix)

Archila – Aire (Frink Remix)

Sickflip – Desert Bae

James Hunter – The Clown is Down

Diiego hehr – Ofligue (Original Mix)

Emancipator – When I Go

Kuba – Little Mountain














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