Community Playlist 006

I don’t remember the first time I met Vatsal Gaur. I only remember seeing someone dancing their heart away on the dance floor, not giving two hoots about what’s going on around him or of people’s reactions if any. Seeing each other often in social situations, we got to know each other after which I observed how passionate he is about the music he consumes. I vividly remember us having a conversation one night where he stated that it doesn’t matter if he ends up going to a party alone as his main objective is to listen to music, dance and leave his thoughts aside for a little bit. I found that really commendable as people in our country thrive on cliques. This conversation led me back to the first time I went to a party by myself. However, this was when I lived in London.

The party was in Angel, Islington and the main artists that I wanted to catch were Audiofly. With no company that night, I was skeptical if I should just buy a ticket and head out just to catch their set but didn’t want to end up feeling like a loser. “Fuck it,” I said to myself and the next thing I knew I was at the venue only to find out that they don’t come on until 4 AM. Having had just a drink or two, I promised myself that I will be aware and take it easy and immediately leave once the night is done, until I stumbled upon this beautiful Spanish-British couple who befriended me. They were such amazingly warm and nice people that I ended up after-partying with them and their friends. Such is the power of music. After that I often went by myself to catch gigs that were of interest and was amazed to meet such incredible people each time! It is definitely a liberating feeling and that is exactly what I admire about this man. Everyone knows the strong social media presence Vatsal holds in terms of sharing music. How each individual interprets that presence, doesn’t even matter but I always knew that I’d like to feature him on the playlist series since the start. A few lines he had to share before we get to his playlist…

” I would like to think I’m a seeker and all things universe – that’s perhaps the safest way to describe me. Moonlight as a corporate lawyer by day and as a hippie by night. Music is one of the only constants defining my ever evolving, ever moving trajectory; and to this end, I could say it’s one of my key outlets. I hear what I love and I like to share my love, and sharing music (both ways) is one of my favourite pastimes. The playlist I share (although I honestly can’t share just 8-9 tracks) is perhaps just going to work as a collection of music I find appealing.”

Karl Kling – Deep In The House Of Love

Frankie Knuckles Feat. Jamie Principle – Baby Wants to Ride

Röyksopp – Thank you

Just Her Feat. Kieran Fowkes – Let Myself Go

Midland – Final Credits

Dauwd – What’s There

Birds of Mind – Flying Through The Souls (Just Emma Remix)

Dele Sosismi & Afrobeat Orchestra – Too Much Information (Laolu Remix)

Lindstrøm – Closing Shot

If you like what you have just heard, you can follow Vatsal Gaur on his soundcloud page here:




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