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January was a great month of travels. Our blog Humans of Music managed to work out a few festival collaborations which kept us on the road for three back to back weekends where we covered festivals such as Nariyal Paani, GOAT & Sula Fest. Cut to Goa, where I ended up booking last minute tickets for a really high price and landed up straight at the festival with no clue where I will be staying for the night. I was pretty confident that something would work out and someone would be kind enough to have me crash with them, but it was around 8 PM that I started worrying a bit. I was hanging out with a lot of people and when anyone asked where I’m put up for the night, I had no answer. I got a lot of empathetic replies whereas some of them reassured me I’d be fine but no one really offered to help. Maybe I was expecting someone to offer instead of asking as I didn’t want to be a burden on anyone. But time was passing by and I felt my only resort would be to crash in one of the shacks like an imposter.

I tried not to think much about it and bumped into Roycin D’souza who was standing at the back of the dance floor in a calm and composed stature rolling a doob. We’ve never really hung out and share more of a professional relationship but I’ve always known he had really good taste in music. After our meet and greet, we ended up chatting about our plans for the night and I explained the sticky situation I was in. He didn’t even hesitate once and offered me to come crash at his friend’s apartment in Vagator as there was a spare room. I was amazed. You often tend to get taken by surprise when someone who you never expected goes out of his/her way to help you out. I was eternally grateful as he was my god sent angel for the night. With a great post-festival chill session at Vaayu with a bunch of people I’ve never met before, we decided to head home bound and call it night.

It was on the car journey back home that we were discussing our musical interests and he kept playing some amazing, groovy tunes that couldn’t stop me from bobbing my head. After a quick pit stop for an egg burger and a mean cup of coffee the next morning, I asked him if he would like to be featured for our next playlist and here we are. For those of you who don’t know Roycin, he is a Music Photographer / Videographer and Digital Media guy. He’s been shooting Music / Musicians / People and the things they do for over 7 years. Apart from that, he propagates the idea of listening to music right, outdoor cooking, low carb high fat diets, and spending equal time under water.  Born and Bought up in Dubai, he’s spent most of his life in between Dubai, Goa and now Bombay for the last 9 years. He currently does things at Impresario that involve food, drinks and making people eat and drink. Roycin is usually dressed in shorts and after reading this, you will still have hard time making up your mind on whether you want to chat him up or no. Regardless, he is harmless.

Here are a few lines he had to share about his playlist.

“It’s a mix of my favourite hiphop / r n b / neo soul artists from this decade moving towards some of the newer electronica I’ve been digging that draw heavy influences from RNB and Jazz. I listen to pretty much everything from Metal, to Jazz but my roots lie heavy in RNB and Hip Hop. I’ve made this one easy to groove to / listen to and not think too hard. Action Bronson, & Hiatus Kaiyote have more or less shaped my life over the last 4 years and thought this was a great way to include some soul in this playlist. I’ve also included Max Graef / Glen Astro / Sango and Kaytranada whose tunes have drawn me to sides of music I never thought I’d be enjoying. ( I fucking love it now ). I’m always up for compliments that come in with new music links so hit me up on the interwebz and order a Bacon Cake sometime.” 

Childish Gambino – Redbone 

Action Bronson – Triple backflip 

Melodiesinfonie – Tuk Rueh ft. Christian Crow 

Froyo ma (w. Charlotte Day Wilson) // spent missing

Hiatus Kaiyote – Laputa (Taylor McFerrin Remix Feat. Anderson. Paak) 

Schoolboy Q – Hoover Street 

Kaytranada – At All 

Kelley Polar – Ashamed of Myself 

Run The Jewels – Talk to Me 

Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Titel 08 (feat. Paul Frick) 

Persian Empire – Tilt 

Sango – Deixe-me

Connan Mockasin – Caramel 

Such a wholesome playlist, thank you so much for the amazing hospitality in Goa and being a part of this, Roycin D’souza!


















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