Community Playlist 004

My first interaction with Alakshendra Gehlot was at the Mumbai leg of the Bradley Zero India Tour. I was introduced to him by his brother Anirudh Gehlot who was the man responsible for helping us out with partner support for the gig. I vividly remember the conversation where Anirudh mentioned that he vouched for his brother’s word and decided to get involved in this tour because he trusted his taste in music. This brought a smile to my face because here is one such individual who holds a place in the eyes of another or more where his taste in music is looked up to and admired.

Alakshendra works as a Senior Marketing Executive with Swiggy. Born and brought up in a Jaipur, he is currently living in Mumbai for almost 6 years now. A trained DJ, he has experimented with different genres over the years but future bass and experimental bass is something that really got him hooked. So much so that he decided to start a page about it and sharing the tracks that he liked on a weekly basis, starting April 2016. All of this led me to dig deeper and know more about what music drives him and hence our 4th community playlist comes from this musically knowledgeable lad with an eclectic selection of tracks.

“These tracks have elements from various instruments which give a unique melodic touch to those super creative and heavily experimental basslines. Songs that are perfect for that ‘heightened’ state of mind, the playlist is a smooth progression from mellow to some really hard hitting sounds. Freshness and some ‘feel good bass’ being at the core of it!” – Alakshendra Gehlot

Feral Fauna -Tincture

IBI. – Fame

“It’s like an orchestra got a bass boost! So so good!”

Next To Blue – Oakhurst Lane

Otxhello – Melodies from Heaven

“Melodies from heaven: Jazz Bass, enough said!”

DEFFIE – Octangle

Wize – Three years later 

AllttA – AllttA (20syl & Mr. J. Medeiros)

Garlyn – Eclipse

“Just sit back, close your eyes, listen to how beautifully this song progresses to give you one of the most immersive bassline ever!”

Yed Prior – My way

Samsin – Singularity

“Play it randomly at a house party to a group of unsuspected people. The initial reactions you’ll get are priceless! Every single time!”

Follow Future is Now an initiative started by Alakshendra focusing on your weekly dose of some of the best and latest in Future House, Deep House, Tropical, Chill, Trap, Electronica music from around the world.






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