Community Playlist 003

This week’s community playlist comes from an individual who has been integral with respect to all the work that I have done as an individual working in the music industry, in the last four years. The first time I met Denver Fernandes was through a common friend Philip Zuzarte. We were eagerly looking for someone who is good with graphics and design and after meeting him, there was no looking back. An integral part of our team and the man behind the Humans of Music logo, I personally don’t know what I would have done without him. As a sign of gratitude (though there is so much more to give back) here is the first initiative to bring to the forefront all the key people who work behind the scenes. One of the main reasons we all work in this industry is because we love music. Hence I had no doubt that Denver would select some pretty sweet tunes making up for our community playlist 003.

For those of you who don’t know me , I am awkward guy who you see at a bunch of gigs and wonder, “How is this guy everywhere?”. I do design, visuals and am exploring the possibility of having a career as a changeover DJ.”

Over to him as he takes us through his playlist…

Flako – Kuku 

“Flako dropped this in his set at Magnetic Fields and I’ve been hooked.”

A Tribe Called Red – Native Puppy Love 

“Found this because of a tampon commercial .  No lie. Its my get up and get shit done track.”

Kromestar – Mere Sher VIP 

“From Pinch’s set at at Magnetic Fields. Everyone lost their shit when this played. Took me a while to find out what track it was.”

20syl – Ongoing thing feat. Oddisee

“Some people might know it as the MKBHD intro track”

Run The Jewels – 2100 feat Boots

“I tried to figure out the drum pattern on this track. Then I just stopped trying.”

Sister City – Rites of Dacia

“I don’t know if this is techno. If it is techno, then its one of 6 techno tracks that I like.”

Anderson Paak – Malibu (Entire Album)

“Can’t pick just one song off this album. This album has gotten me through pretty much everything the past year.”








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