Community Playlist 002

The Milo Häfliger India Tour was truly special. Working with such a warm hearted person who always has a smile on his face while playing can definitely get infectious. Being on tour is what makes me realise how much I love what I do. Whereas on a day to day basis, the hardships can break you but seeing your efforts take shape in front of your eyes is a whole different kind of high!

In my music career so far, it’s always been Mumbai that’s been the best gig of the tour. I guess it comes as no surprise as it’s home turf but there has always been this desire to experience that same kind of energy or vibe in another city. It does happen, but maybe not ever so often.

Cut to Bangalore, Milo’s last leg of his India Tour was to take place at The Tao Terraces. We all knew that Bangalore is going to special. One can’t go wrong with the only venue in the city that consistently delivers great house and techno. And we were right. It was a surreal and magical vibe with the full moon looking down upon us with happy, smiling faces everywhere. From the gig getting over, to a great after party and meeting so many nice and genuinely warm people, it didn’t take me a second to reschedule my flight and extend my trip. I spent a week in Bangalore for the first and I was personally amazed by people’s niceness. One such person was Kristen Ann.

By profession Kristel is a creative writer for the event active team at Wizcraft, Part time Pet sitter at Kristel’s Kitty Care and has very recently started her own musical initiative with four friends under the name of Electric Avenue. We had great conversations at several instances about all things music as we share a common passion. But what really touched my heart is when she appreciated the musical experience that was put together which served as a memory that she would cherish forever. The best memories of my life are musical experiences with friends and strangers alike and hearing those words made everything seem so relatable that I couldn’t resist and ask her to be a part of our 2nd Community Playlist.

Before we get down to her list, here’s a little something she had to say…

“Music to me needs to evoke emotion – honest and fearless. Most of all, I fall in love each & every time I listen.  Here’s a selection of tracks, old & new that I’ve had on repeat the past month. Hope they put a smile on your soul, as they did mine” 

Wide Awake – Natare

Youandewan – Our Odessey


Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley – Waiting For A Woman (The Revenge Rework)

Los Hermanos – Quetzel

Lukas Endhart – Jalan Jalan

Tim Engelhardt – Trust

Victor Norman – Hymn (Bernstein Remix)







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