Community Playlist 001

It is a given fact that most of our musical knowledge is influenced either by the internet or the people who we spend time with. I know how eternally grateful I am to all those people who have selflessly shared their music with me and introduced me to new artists. Keeping this thought in mind, we decided to introduce a community playlist, a bunch of tunes one must listen too. However they aren’t recommended by any artist who has thousands of followers. They are recommended by the people, who make a party! A ” For the people, by the people ” mechanism.

You must have seen Dixit Dewani out and about every weekend, talking about how an individual is a particle of dust. (P.S – I love you) But leaving all the intoxicated chat aside he spends a lot of his time listening to so much GOOD music whilst at work and I end up being the lucky one bombarded with loads of new artist names. Hence our first community playlist comes from this 26 year old, copywriter and freelance voice over artist. Here’s what he had to say about his track selections…

“A collection of feelings. Mainly induced by a constant sense of Euphoria. *cough* #420. A bunch of new artists to watch out for. And of course, Tame Impala. Pure pre-game material, for the creative soul. Enjoy!”

Agar Agar – Prettiest Virgin


Dauwd – Kolido

Pal Joey – Party Time (Loop D Loop) 1990

HNNY – For The Very First Time

Tame Impala – Reality in Motion



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